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blind spot

Blind Spot is a feature-length documentary film about three blind adventurers who cross the Argentinean Andes on horseback.


The film documents the epic, horse-powered trek of travelers united by trust and courage, who overcome countless challenges on their mountain pilgrimage.  During a 2-week guided expedition in the wilderness of northern Patagonia, the riders chart a route of inner exploration to discover a place where adversity and joy become interchangeable, where blindness leads to clarity, and disability creates possibility.


The Andes provide a mythical metaphor for life’s gauntlet of physical – and figurative – blindness.  Patagonia is a land forgotten by time: a place of hypnotic light, windswept pampas and modulating soundscapes.  Blind Spot evolves in an environment that awakens the blind riders’ and their sighted guides’ untapped senses.  This juxtaposition of perceptions expands our perspective on how we choose to interpret everyday obstacles, be they visible or not.


The film’s title refers to the blindness of the equestrians and the limitations of a horse’s eyesight.  Blind Spot evokes imagery of a place we know of…but can’t find or remember; the familiar but undiscovered; the visible but sometimes unseen parts of ourselves; our regrets, our ambitions, our hopes.


Blind Spot intersects direct cinema with the visual language of classic American westerns transposed to Argentina.  It’s mythical panoramas are forever haunted by tales of frontier courage.


A vision quest documentary, Blind Spot defies the conventional views on blindness to chronicle an inspirational journey of self-discovery, in search of what we see, what we can’t see, and what we overlook.


The film is currently in post-production with the generous support of Documentary Channel / CBC.


Music by: Nils Frahm /