inside the lab


Fun with fluids. Shot with the Phantom Flex @ +/-5000fps, this footage is from a series of beauty/product shots compiled for a commercial production that I directed, shot and edited.

I’ve re-purposed my original rushes into this short film, with the addition of a 1967 recording of Jorge Luis Borges, reading his own poem:




One thing does not exist: Oblivion.

God saves the metal and the dross, his key

Ciphers in his prophetic memory

The moons to come, and moons of evenings gone.


All there: reflections in the looking-glass

-Between the two huge twilights of the day-

That your face has gone leaving where you pass,

And those it will go leaving on your way.


And everything is part of that diverse

Crystal of memory, the universe;

Unending are the mazes it engenders


Of doors that seal themselves as you walk through;

Only from sunset’s farther side shall you

Behold at last the Archetypes and Splendors.




The soundtrack is by Chris Zabriskie, found on Vimeo Enhancer. “Prelude No. 21” by Chris Zabriskie (


The narration is from the spoken-word album: Jorge Luis Borges / Por él mismo. The audio file is from the online archives of the University of Notre-Dame, rare books and special collections.


The translation of Everness is by A.Z. Foreman