We learn from the Herd that when one suffers we all suffer. We’re all here to heal together.


Herd explores how horses can guide us to heal the chaos within our lives.


During a weeklong off-grid nature retreat, deep in the heart of British Columbia’s horse country, eight people participate in a collective spirit quest of meditation and equine therapy.


The documentary feature film documents a nascent, interspecies community where horses and humans share fears, doubts and truths as they form a new hybrid herd. The horse/human communication transcends language to foster a dialogue of shared mindfulness.


Shot in Kamloops, BC at: Equinisity Retreats

For info about retreats contact: Liz Mitten Ryan


Best International Director

2016 Equus Film Festival (NYC)

Official Competition

2017 Omaha Film Festival

Official Competition

2017 San Diego Film Festival

Official Competition

2017 Equus Film Festival (Montana)